Doctor Day

Today I go to my regular doctor and get an annual physical. I don’t go annually but this is what they call this appointment. I end up going about every three years. Three years ago, I was a young whipper snapper.

Last march when I was sick with the flu, I made medical promises to my doctor like, “I’ll come in for a physical and I’ll get a colonoscopy if you’ll make me feel better”. I’ve kept my promises and he didn’t make me feel any better at the time.

My appointment is at 11:30 AM and it is a fasting appointment, which means of course that I did not and can not eat after midnight. So I get to go stagger in the office all weak, grouchy and headachy at lunch time and he’ll ask me how I feel generally.

“Like I could eat the south end of a skunk doc”, is what I feel like saying.

One reason I hate to go to the doctor is there are so many sick people around.

We’ll, I’ll shut up and suck up.


Ali said...

Good luck! Work on your "cough" before you have to go in there and force it ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you Ali.

Yeah, I don't like a man poking around there.

mr zig said...

Hey Reggie!

I just went for my annual physical yesterday... and when I got there they looked at my chart and realized I hadn't gone since 1994! wow, I've gained a little weight since then! hehehe