Two Things I am Pondering

Why is it that we assume that the world is at a state perfect temperature; so perfect that we are willing to call the current temperature and climate the perfect temperature and climate standard of all time.

If man can really fine tune the earthly temperature to conditions considered perfect right now, or maybe to conditions 30 years ago; will be in climate nirvana?

Will we allow the earth to experience another ice age? How about another dust bowl of the 1930’s?

How has all this “control” of nature worked for our national forests? Ask a fireman.

Second, how come health care workers get to wear pajamas to work? Everyone from the secretary, the receptionist, the nurse to the doctor wear PJ’s. It wasn’t always like this.

When I was a kid everyone wore real clothes at the hospital.

I wish I could wear PJ’s to work.


Anonymous said...

I've been pondering too... about why it is that Gigi hasn't blogged in forever! Could you please pass her a message that she is one funny chick and I would like to see more from her in the line of blogging?

Also, wearing pajamas to work... I'd be so on board with that movement!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I just did Terri...same to Trish for me. I can't belive Trish got all the stuff out of her head that fast.

Logzie said...

Yeah, I miss Gigi too!!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Trish says she is too lazy to keep up with the blog and has now taken to passing her poems to me to type up and post on my blog. There's one sitting on my desk at work, but I hesitate to publish it on mine, as it is all about what she wants in a man, and as you've seen in Trish's previous writings, there are some parts that are "no-holds-barred." But I'll think about it!

Chris said...

I tell you, there's nothing better than scrubs at work. It just bothers me when receptionists wear them though. I don't think they look anymore "professional" in scrubs over a pant suit or skirt.
Plus, they get that "nurse" attitude that so many of the older nurses have....