Father's Day

Happy father’s day!

I have heard that expression a lot in the past few days. I’m not a father. I do like children very much, but mutually decided years ago that we would not have children. I am just fine with that decision. I have no regrets.

When someone says, “Happy father’s day”, I just reply, “Thank you” and smile. They mean well and I take it as a complement.

I used to explain that I wasn’t a father and it made me and the complementer uncomfortable. I thought I was doing the right thing refusing a statement that was misdirected.

Last year when I was in St Croix during our trip in May, I wished a local woman a happy mother’s day. She wished me a happy father’s day. I told her I was not a father.

She said, “You are a father figure to some child or somebody, so happy father’s day”.

She was right. I have been the father figure to plenty of nieces, nephews, kids at church, neighbors, and who knows else.

So, happy father’s day to all father figures out there.


Peach Pod said...

You are Monkey Boy's godfather and that's a type of father, so Happy Father's Day.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes...and he better start bringing me envelopes of cash and hug me with manly pats on my back.

Anonymous said...

But Reg, you have lots of furry and feathered kids, so Happy Father's Day!