Can We Talk?

I have had dreams for years, which for what ever reason, I cannot run. Usually something is after me, and no amount of effort will propel me forward. I am better off walking.

Likewise, when said previous monster is chasing me, I am unable to scream.

Less often, and even more frustrating is when I cannot open my eyes in a dream. With great effort, I can muster tiny slits in order to get my bearings.

Last night for the first time I was unable to talk. Oh I could make noise, but I could not form the words. This was quite frightening.

I am used to being blind and not able to run. I hope this inability to talk stays away.


Anonymous said...

I have all of those problems in my dreams! Usually when trying to speak I make a horrible sound and wake myself up.

MELackey said...

It could be worse. You could also be dreaming about having to pee and not able to walk or run to a restroom (or see the facilities once you do find one.)