Oh What Could Have Been

Today I play golf at Northstone Country Club in Davidson, NC. It is a nice “new money” club in the Charlotte area.

The greens are awesome and the fairways are Zoysia grass. Most fairways around here are Bermuda grass. Zoysia stands firm and is easy to hit off of from the fairway.

Anyway, I was having the round of my life. By 15 my score card had me at 74. I have never, ever had this good of game.

Back around 11, we started to notice a thunderstorm building up. By 12 I called the office and asked them to look at the radar. The storm was close, and looked to be moving away.

Late into number 13 my office called back and told me the storm was building right over the golf course.

I continued to hit well.

We played 14 okay and could hear thunder rumbling all around. I started getting a little nervous and the wind began to blow.

Number 15 was scary. It was dark and thunder was more numerous.

We decide to tee off at 16 and I absolutely crushed the ball straight down the center. It was my best drive of the day. Suddenly, a bright flash of light, followed by an almost instant crash of thunder.

We’re done and we rode to the clubhouse as fast as possible.

I hated to quit but knew we better quit while we were alive.

I added the card up to 16 and saw I was on to a record game.

Who knows how I would have finished.


Anonymous said...

OH, I felt your pain at having to quit while playing your best game ever! But I'm glad you put the value of life over the value of a great game! I'd like to continue to enjoy reading about your adventures!

mr zig said...

I just read this post outloud to my wife (who can't read because she's pregnant - thats not actually true - but anyway) - and she says "Tell him that is a very sad story!"

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I know a very quiet woman who is 8 months pregnant and can't stop talking so I believe she can't read.