My Son is All Grown Up

My son turned 18 today. I can hardly believe the years have passed. We are not exactly sure of his birthday or “hatch day”, but we know we have had our parrot Boscoe, for 18 years. We got Boscoe in May, 1989 and he was said to be 8 months old.

Just this morning Gigi was in bed rubbing the cat and I made some crude remark when Boscoe burst out in laughter over the comment.

“He’s a man you know”, said Gigi.

I guess he picks up on my delivery and knows I made a funny. He loves to laugh hysterically. We do that a lot here.

This bird has been up and down the east coast more that most migratory birds. He goes on every RV trip with us.

I stopped counting the words phrases he knows at 100. He has a “wicked” (as Ali calls it) Southern accent like Gigi.

I believe a toast is in order, “So, here’s to Boscoe (glass raised), to many more years and travels”.


Anonymous said...

I'll drink (tea) to toast Boscoe's birthday! But he's still pretty young. Don't some parrots live to be close to 100?
I'm looking forward to meeting him someday!

Michael said...

To Boscoe! Aaargh...