Day One on Jekyll Island

Man oh man I’ve been sleeping good on the road. I go to bed and “poof”, it is morning and I am fully rested.

Last night my sister and her husband, Peach Pod and Monkey boy and the soon to be ex came over for supper.

Peach Pod suggested the ever marvelous Pop-Eyes Fried chicken. It was great eating outside with all the family.

I just realized that Pop-eye is quite the gross name. It refers to the fact that he had an eye almost popping out. Where have I been? Reminds me of the question posed on Terri’s blog last week.

Anyway we all sat around and yacked it up to around 10:30 PM.

Monkey boy and I exchanged gifts. I gave him the Dangerous Book for Boys, and he have me equally valuable items like a fly in an ice cube, fart chewing gum, and fake powdered beer. I’m not sure about the gum; I don’t need help with that.

This morning I will play golf. I haven’t played golf in two weeks, which is a summertime record for me.