Two Things on This Lovely Mid-day


By the way, just in case anyone was wondering, the State of North Carolina will not inspect a vehicle without doors.

“Sir, they want you have mirrors and doors and stuff, before you get a safety inspection”.

Oh. I’ll have to get the old Jeep back together tonight.


Don’t hate when you go on an online catalog and they tell you to click here for a larger image, and the darn thing pops up and the image is the same size?

Don’t taunt me online people.


MessyJessy said...

I hear you about the "click here for larger size". That annoys me but there is a solution...We have a mouse that has a magnify feature on it.

Hmmm...My Hubby is looking to purchase a Jeep. He wants to ride around this summer without any doors.

Chris said...

I'll trade you my car for your jeep. Mine has doors....

Michael said...

The venerable island of St. Croix in the questionable Territory of The United States Virgin Islands doesn't require much of anything to pass vehicle inspection. In fact, since I moved here, they have yet to require the vehicle itself.

I was able to get our two classic Land Rovers, recently imported from the UK, "inspected" and registered before I was able to get them cleared through customs! Both had "foreign" registrations from the UK, no titles, and one reg hadn't even been signed over to my name.

(Nota Bene: This feat should only be performed by trained professionals.
Please do not attempt this at home.)