I Saw A Pink One

Yesterday while playing golf I saw two good sized alligators, 3 adorable deer, and one pink flamingo.

I have never seen a pink flamingo in the wild. It flew by rather low over our threesome.

It was a tacky pink with interlaced white.

I forget there is so much wildlife walking around Jekyll Island.


Logzie said...


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yeah, they have aligators here. They were both fairly good sized, I would guess more than 8 feet long. They were in the ponds aroung the golf course.

No one believes I saw the flamingo. They are mostly in zoos. Everyone asks how many beers I had, etc.

None thank you. It was still morning for heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

You were that close to a pink one? Cool! We saw a bunch of them on Anegada (I guess one would call that a flock - I doubt flamingos come in bunches). But they were at the far end of the salt pond. They just looked like pink dots. Not as cool as having one fly over you....