Balloon Knots and Dirty Air

Haley and I are headed back to Southport today to meet back up with my bride.

I was just cleaning the horse stalls for the last time and saw a squirrel had drowned in a water trough. That’s sad. Poor little squirrel was just trying to get his drink on.

Have you ever noticed that a horse ass looks like a giant balloon knot?

Anyway, it is hot here in the 90’s which is fine by me, but the ozone/pollution warnings are out today. I hate dirty hot air. Once this pattern sets up, it will stay until fall. The air has been good up until now.

Soon it will be time to head south to the Caribbean where the only dirty air is a little dust blown over from Africa. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends down there.

I’m looking forward to walking on the boardwalk tonight at the Cape Fear River, eating some seafood and catching up with Gigi.

Well, I’m going to shower and get out of here.


Unknown said...

Have a great trip! Tell Gigi we said hello.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

TerryC said...

I guess I just haven't looked closely enough at a horse's butt.
What have I been doing with my life?

Butt, is that also contributing to the dirty air?

Why do you need to take a shower to go out into the dirty air?

TerryC said...

That stinks about the squirrel drowning. Poor little guy.

I hate it when lizards drown in our gray water (the water we save from the washing machine to water plants with).

Ali said...

"just trying to get his drink on" - is it morbid of me that I found that quite funny?

Have a good time in the bush in your luxury 400' RV. My love to Gigi!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ah..I made it and am reunited with my babe.

Terry...I stank. We have gray water too in the RV.

Ali...That was actually an Ali trap designed to get you to comment. It worked. You and Chris have been talking...400 foot RV.

Stacy said...

Trying to get his drink on... that's funny.

Well not that he died but that he was just trying to get his drink on.

Alyssa said...

Poor squirrel.

Once, my Grandma (who is 95 and not "all there" mentally) was telling my Dad there was a dead squirrel in her toilet. He calmed her down and told her he'd check it out, all the while convinced it was her crazy imagination.

Sure enough, there WAS a squirrel, its little bloated body floating lifelessly there in the toilet bowl. He had some pluming explanation for me, but after that I always worry about finding a squirrel in my toilet.

Poor squirrels. So small and prone to drownings.

I love those little guys.