Two Little Things

I just love the back of a border collie’s head. I like to see all the hair layering like they had an expensive cut, and I like to imagine what they are thinking about.

Second, have you noticed how many people stumble over the words, “and I will return your call”, when they are making the message for their voicemail? That “r” gets them a lot. I have to pause when I transition from the “l” to the “r” myself.


TerryC said...

That's the cutest picture! Dog is your copilot, fer sure!

Never noticed that about the voicemail thing, though. I have plenty of trouble with other words, like "my daughter ordered water". That one really had me a couple of weeks ago. I think I just needed to weefwaze it or something.

Liv said...

Cedie's the one I like, right?! Cain't rightly remember which one 'dem critters crawled into my heart. Heck, give 'em all a kiss!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

This one is Haley with the half face (one eye covered). Cedie is the sweeeeet little 3 leg fuzzy blue merle. I love them all.