Lunch News From the South

I went to lunch with a buddy today. We were chatting about the events of the day when I decided to look around the room.

There was one guy sitting there eating who was oblivious to his surroundings. He was in his eating zone. It was like watching a snake eat his prey.

This guy had a shoveling system going and he was very efficient at tossing groceries down his neck. He would stir his food quickly and toss more in his mouth as soon as any room became vacant.

At first I was repulsed. Then I was in awe. Finally, I appreciated his love of what he was doing, and the efficient way he was doing it.

He finished devouring his food, left a tip, and left the dining area.

He sure did make me sit up and take notice of my eating habits.


Liv said...! Well, gotta go powerload some stinky cheese for lunch!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Liv...that cheese we were talking about in the RV was German Tilsit.

It smells like 40 damns, the dog wouldn't eat it, but it tastes good.

Peaches sniffed it, looked at me like, "I ain't eatin' that shit", and walked away.

Unknown said...

This is hilarious. I am that guy when I go eat lunch alone. Which is rare. I have always felt so odd sitting in a restaurant eating alone and often wonder what those around me think.

Now I know. Thanks for making me self concious. I will never eat in public alone again!!!

Stacy said...

What is an eating zone and how can you tell if someone is in it

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The eater is totally oblivious to his when you are cutting grass. His goal is to efficiently shovel food down the gullet and he doesn't care what others see. He may eat with his mouth open to help with the process.

TerryC said...

I love the evolution of your opinion. The play-by-play is great!

You're such a guy!