Too Much Information

It’s funny how small our world has become.

I drove the Jeep today with the top off. Yes that was stupid, it’s darn near 100 here today.

Anyway, I just checked the local radar to see if any pop-up showers were on the way. Nothing bad…let me check Puerto Rico and St Croix. Oh, I see a little squall line headed toward the island.

I flipped over to the webcam and saw the dark ominous skies coming in. Then the rain burst forth in sheets, and the boardwalk cleared.

In a month I’ll be there.


TerryC said...

Yes, we finally got some rain at our house last night!

Yesterday afternoon, it poured in Gallows Bay for about two minutes. The streets were flooded. I was getting into the car in our driveway. I got splattered with about five drops.