The Ultrasound

I got the ultrasound this afternoon. This very attractive young blonde woman with a thick Russian accent asked me to slip my pants down a ways. Normally this takes several dates but I obliged.

Then I rolled on my side, she began the ultrasound and she said, “Breeze deeply and hold. You can breeze normally again.”

This went on for 15 minutes on my right kidney and about minutes 5 on my left kidney, concluded with a cursory look at my bladder.

“I see you have to use ze bathzroom very soon Mr. Hunnicutt.”

“Yes, do you see anything?”

“I am not allowed to say.”

Then someone who checked behind her scanned my right kidney for another few minutes.

So I assume the two stones that were in there from two years ago are still there because I saw stuff on the picture pointing to a couple of small dark spots.

I’ll find out soon I’m sure.


Anonymous said...

I hope your boxers were on the right way this time.

Stacy said...

One time I had one on my kidney's also. A dude all lubing you up should be more fun than it was.

TerryC said...

Let us know ASAP so we can shop for blue or pink stone suits. Sometimes it's difficult to find just the right thing here in paradise....