Listening To The Night

I woke up very early this morning and just lay in the bed and listened to the night.

Sometime in the night Gigi had put our Auzzie/Border Collie Cede, in between us. She was dead silent and balled up tightly sleeping against me. She is such a cozy little fuzzball.

Gigi was in deep sleep with the low sounds of deep breaths.

Duke was on the floor making manly dog snores and Peaches was by his side in silence.

I could feel the presence of fall. The air feels different. The crickets sound different. It is no longer summer even though it is hot.

As I lay there and listen, everything felt good and in complete balance.

Ah, the innocence of night. For now at least, all is right in my world.


Unknown said...

I wish I could find myself that at peace with the night. We run the bathroom fan and another fan so that I have a perfect, constant, never changing noise which helps sooth me into sleep. If I have slight differing sounds I cannot sleep as my brain tends to focus on those sounds.

Unknown said...

I love the times in my life when all is well.