Fun Friday

Gigi and I took the two dogs that love water the water the most to the beach yesterday. The water was a clear as I have ever seen down here. It was nothing like the Caribbean or Gulf, but clear for NC waters.

Cedie made a fool of herself jumping in and out of the ocean and body slamming into Peaches. Cedie always draws a crowd because she is one cute Aussie dog, and she only has three legs. People are fascinated by her mobility and attitude.

I got the dumb-ass award earlier in the day. We decided to move the RV to the next pad early Friday. I carefully unplug stuff, hooked up other stuff and gradually pushed out the behemoth when a I heard a sizable snap.

I had left up the bat-wing antenna and it got caught in low hanging power lines. The antenna broke off and fortunately nothing or no one got a power surge.

I patched the hole with hurricane duck tape. I didn’t there was another duct tape. It was bright yellow, wide and said it will hold in a 200 MPH wind. That should do for now.