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I am so glad my religion doesn’t require special clothing, hair, self mutilation, a hat or whiskers, beads or other accessories. I don’t have to flog myself with chains, wave smoke around, burn incense, or have a statue of a fat guy, or elephant. I am not governed by guilt, threats, or personal enlightenment. My religion is very logical and straight forward, to me at least. Others make religion so complicated. Even people in my religion make it too complicated.

I like my meals to be at the right time of day. Let’s not eat lunch at 2:30 or supper at 4:00. The only exception is brunch, and only on Sunday. If you plan to eat a meal at an odd ball time, please clearly tell me in advance, or I will get very grouchy.

How come women that smoke cigarettes heavily usually have skinny legs?

I find most English accents charming, whether it is British, Southern US, South African, Caribbean Island dialects, Cajun, or whatever. An Australian accents grinds on my nerves. There are too many hard sounding syllables.

I don’t like coconut shrimp. I love shrimp, and I love coconuts, but don’t like the pairing of the two.

I have never had a speeding ticket because I do not speed. Oh, I may drive 5 MPH over the speed limit, but nothing worth pulling me over.

I took a flying lesson a few years ago. I thought it would be cool to fly somewhere over 200 MPH and be there in a jiffy. I got vertigo so bad when I banked at 30 degrees that I decided to become a land lover and drive at 55 on roads.

I seem to have more energy and stamina at 51 than I did at 17. I can relax and enjoy the moment more now, than I could at 45. I was probably in the best shape of my life at 40. I could be in better shape now if I worked out harder and cut calories. I’m stuck on a 30 minute cardio a day and need to add weights to the routine.

As sick as this sounds, I love the smell of diesel fumes and jet fuel fumes. I hate the smell of gas fumes and gasoline.

I hate with all my heart, to hear real estate ads read out loud to me. Gigi loves to read real estate ads out loud. She knows that I hate to hear ads read to me and can’t seem to refrain from reading them. I would prefer hearing “Watching Scotty Grow”, by Bobby Goldsboro 24 hours nonstop over hearing another real estate ad.

I have been married for almost 28 years. Sometimes it is difficult to be best friends, lovers, and roommates. It is heaven when all three are working. I got very lucky to find Gigi. She actually found me.

If I changed jobs, I would like to be a wine steward or a cellar master at a nice restaurant in the Virgin Islands. I think I would be too lazy, and it would be unnecessary to be a trained wine sommelier. I know what I like, how it pairs with food, and I can taste very well after 2:00 PM. Somehow I can’t taste well in the morning.

Gigi has the prettiest blue eyes. Sometimes (today), we look very close into each others eyes. She is amazed how brown my eyes are, and I am amazed how blue her eyes are. Try it with your spouse/lover/friend.

You know when a movie, or TV show is bad, when they start playing music instead of talking dialogue.

Do you remember a few years ago that we were all suppose to die from the bird flu? In the 1970’s it was the swine flu, and somewhere in between Africanized honey bees were supposed to swarm and kill us all. I wonder what bogy man story the press will come up with next.


Liv said...

whew!! Gigi does have beautiful eyes!

ps--tagged you for a meme...

TerryC said...

Does your religion have a name? Or is it just "The Church of Reggie"?

I like eating at odd times. I used to be so anal about food. A new attitude feels better. On week-ends, we frequently eat lunch at 2:30, or later. Or sometimes it's dinner at 4 because I won't feel like cooking later.

Hmmm, I think the skinny legs may be attributed to a lack of oxygen. Smokers don't usually exercise much because they get winded. So they can't build up their leg muscles by walking or running for fitness.

I'm glad you don't speed. It's not good for animals trying to cross the street.

We all could be in better shape if we did those things....

Oh noooo! Not Bobby Goldsboro! Wow! That bad, eh? Michael reads EVERYTHING to me, but I usually just get a kick out of it. Especially when it's the Op-Ed page. He'll add his own very loud argumentative commentary to the things he disagrees with. It's quite comical!

Anonymous said...

I have never had a speeding ticket either!
It must run in the family to try not to speed. I do speed by accident only.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes Terry, my religion is plain old vanilla protestant Christianity outside of a community of faith; which means, I don’t attend a regular church anymore but will go if invited as long as they are mainstream. I have protestant beliefs in which Christ is the church, not the organization. You guys haven’t lived until you attend the Lutheran Church in Christiansted. That is one fun service. We used to go and then have brunch.

We’ll stay good pals now that you have warned me about you eating schedule.

I don’t mind stuff read to me…I just hate real estate ads. They are so corny, they all sound alike, and I have heard enough for the rest of my life.

Judy, we got this from our father. He always drove conservatively.

Anonymous said...

Yes our daddy was a conservative driver AND so is our Mom!

Unknown said...

Trust me, I am part Hunnicutt and not speeding does not run this far down!!! I guess all 3 Hunnicutt siblings have a clean record but that gene didn't pass down to your nephew!!!

It has been 3-4 years since I had one though. I am gonna go knock on some wood now.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'll pass on a family secret. Use cruise control and set it 6 MPH over the limit. Give yourself enough time. It's boring but you save money.

Anonymous said...

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