Real vs Bad

Yesterday we ate out for breakfast down near the marina.

I love marina stores. I went to West Marine the other day in Charlotte just to buy my cool new sunglasses and flip flops. I love to look at the stainless steel doohickeys, the charts, rope, and all the nautical stuff.

I am breaking in my new flip flops. I have two giant quarter sized blisters on the bottom of my feet. This always happens until I get the strap broken in.

Anyway at breakfast yesterday I coolly slid my new sunglasses on top of my head and Gigi took notice.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m wearing my glasses on top of my head like everyone else on earth.”

“But you don’t do that. It doesn’t look like you”.

She carefully gave me some positioning pointers until she was satisfied that I was looking cool.

Back to breakfast now…sorry for the subject wondering.

I ordered a shrimp omelet, thinking about the fluffy marvelous seafood omelet that I last ate at the Golden Rail Café at the St Croix Marina.

The waitress asked if I wanted biscuits or toast.

“Are they real biscuits?” I asked. I was afraid they were serving Pillsbury canned biscuits and didn’t wants any part of that.

“Oh yes sir, they are real” she said.

I should have been more specific and asked if they were shitty biscuits, because they were. The omelet looked like barely cooked seafood in an egg burrito. It was terrible.

Avoid PJ’s at the marina in Southport. Slow food, bad food, but good service.


Liv said...

Poor Reg--doesn't this odd matrix of bad food v. good service & good food v. bad service follow you everywhere? Doesn't anyone understand that all you want is both at the same time--the good stuff?? Sheesh. I can almost see the let down in your face.

TerryC said...

Sorry about your crummy breakfast.

We had brunch at the Deep End today. Food and service both very satisfactory!

I can picture you looking very stylish with your sunglasses on your head. Especially now that this fashion expression has been "Gigi approved".

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I did get a very good cold beer at a bar overlooking the mouth of the Cape Fear River with Bald Head Island in the background. He was a good bartender too.

Stacy said...

bad breakfast makes for a bad day

Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than anticipating something really good, and getting something really nasty instead.

By the way, I tagged you and would love to see your response to this:

Ali said...

You SHOULD have asked if they were shitty biscuits! Promise you'll do that someday when I'm around.
Oh man, you make me laugh!