Golf Safari

I tossed the clubs up on the Jeep and will attempt a round of golf this afternoon. Mind you, this is strictly for medicinal purposes. I need to test the pinky finger.


mr zig said...

your red jeep makes me want a red jeep... and everytime I see a jeep now I think! Hey, look thats Reggie! (and if It's not a red jeep, I say - Hey look there is Reggie - in his newly painted jeep!)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It was well worth the $3,000 I paid for it. I do have an additional $2,000 or so in improvements. It is so much fun to drive. I love that little Jeep.

Anonymous said...

By all means, if this is for medicinal purposes, you should go for it!

Denice said...

Hey Reggie!
The jeep is cute, I think it is "a guy turning 50ish thing. My brother did it, my boss did it and now you!
I LOVE the beautiful surroundings of your home, all those trees! how pretty!
Ca buds
Hey if you like Red Truck (one of our fav's too) I will send some more suggestions I think you will like also :D