I Need To Be More Careful

We have had 26 straight days here in Charlotte where the temperature was well above 90 degrees, and rain has been kept to .15 of an inch.

There have been several clusters of days where the temperature exceeded 100, or hovered around 100.

After a while you become accustomed to this dry oppressive heat, at least I though so.

Friday I played golf. It was 98 and sunny. I drank water constantly and played 16 holes before the group decided to call it quits. I had a headache, and felt lightheaded. By the time I drove home I was completely exhausted.

I was so exhausted that I let two preseason Carolina Panthers tickets go to waste. I just didn’t have the energy.

Saturday morning I woke up all refreshed and full of vigor. I ignored the 100 degree forecast and headed up to the roof to clean the gutters. I felt like it might rain even though no rain was called for in the forecast.

Then I cleaned the gutters on the guest house and decide to mow the grass with the push mower.

Around noon I suddenly got this attention getting chest pain. This was not to be ignored. This really hurt.

I came inside and Gigi told me to strip down and she put a cool wash cloth on my head while I let the cool breeze of the ceiling fan cool me down. My clothes were wet but I wasn’t sweating. After a short while I felt better but stayed inside.

Both days I felt fine until suddenly heat exhaustion overcame me. I love the heat, but I must respect it more I suppose.

It did rain by the way. We had a wonderful thunderstorm that must have dropped a half inch or so.


Michael said...

yeah you do. You're coming down to St. Croix soon and we can't wait to see you guys. Don't be scarin' us like this. No more heat exhaustion collapses or heart attacks or broken pinkie fingers. We want to see you both here in one piece (or would that be two pieces?)

Hope you're feeling better

TerryC said...

Yeah, Reg. Take it slow. Think "island time".

It must have been heartbreaking to quit a golf game at hole 16 and then not go see the panthers!

How did your pinkie make out with all that golfing?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're ok! Good thing Gigi knew exactly what was going on and took good care of you!

Amos said...

Geez Reg, you don't have to be Superman! Heat is nothing to fool with. Once you get heat exhaustion once you are much more apt to get it easier the next time. Be Careful my friend! Way to go Gigi!