It is good to be back in Southport. Gigi and I went to the waterfront, sat in the swings, watched ocean freighters being tugged in to the port at Wilmington and generally soaked up the warm sun.

This place is so quintessential “coastal”. Southport looks like a throwback town to 1910. We find it very quaint.

I am always disappointed however in a town or area that treats tourists as distrusting strangers, when that town thrives on tourist dollars.

Please local people, relax, smile, and be nice. My goal is to relax and drop a few dollars for your fine goods and services. It ruins the ambiance when you act begrudgely and resentful. Yes, we are temporary. Yes in comparison we can be loud and obnoxious. Yes we are sometimes irreverent to your local customs.

I used to live in a tourist town and could never understand why the locals hated tourists so much. If they would have acted nice then I’m sure they could have squeezed 40% more money out of their guests.

It’s is like any business or crop, do you best, and you will get the best yield.

Fertilize us with smiles, local stories, or special places we should see.

I have a waitress down here that I seek out. Her name is Amanda. She is my counterpart to Jody in St Croix. I trust her opinion on the catch of the day, and take her suggestions on what to eat, and how it should be prepared. She is smart, funny, and is a home grown local.

This town could use a few more Amanda’s.


none said...

People who don't like tourists have the sour graps mentality because they don't know how to exploit them ;)

Liv said...

Don't get me started on this. I found the British Virgin Islands to be like this. I mean, you freaking depend on our money, but want to treat us like sh*t? Bad move, guys.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh you need to come to the US Virgin Islands. Slow, laid back, but never has a local been rude with one exception. She was from Boston, a yankee bitch that treats everyone rude.

TerryC said...

We're not actually thrilled with "tourists" here, either. We prefer our "visitors". Tourists go to St.Thomas and buy 3 T-shirts for $10. Our visitors are more sophisticated types. They enjoy massages in their villas, dining at all of our restaurants (not just Pizza Hut or Mickey D's) and they at least try to respect the environment, the rich cultural heritage and the colorful people that make our island so uniquely wonderful.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good observation Terry. Hopefully I am considered a visitor. I like the food, love the people (even Richard, I seek him out), I only buy one tee shirt annually at the St Croix marina and pay more than $10, love the reefs, hills, beaches, and birds, and daydream about being there way too much.

TerryC said...

Right! You would certainly never be categorized as a "tourist" here.

So, it's a good thing you're breaking in your new shades and flip flops.

Just don't ever THINK of wearing dark socks with sandals when you're here.