Fools, It's All About Attitude

I sat down in front of the computer this morning and found no inspiration. Then a long commute to work; and what do you know.

This woman was in front of me for most of my commute this morning. She must work in the same building and comes in from the east side of Charlotte.

I started watching her about half way into my morning commute. She was weaving from lane to lane trying to get an advantage, all the while yakking on her phone. I would pull up behind her at each stop light and think about all the effort, swearing and arm waving she just went through to be in front of me.

The light would change and off she would go weaving and flipping off her fellow drivers.

Once she did manage to get one car between us at a light.

Finally, I pulled into the parking lot beside her. I got there a few seconds after her. She was stressed and I was not.

What an idiot.


Anonymous said...

AMEN. I don't know why otherwise nice people get so aggresive when they drive! They would not act like that without the car.

none said...

They do it on road trips too. I stay in one lane and let em pass, we pull into the rest stops and within seconds of each other even though they are using twice as fuel and look all red in the face.

Anonymous said...

It is funny you say this as I have recently applied a new outlook to life. Now I admit I try and get to work ASAP once I leave home but only because I need to clock in and every minute matters, but I don't do it the way this lady does.

Anyway I used to get in my car after work, rush home, get angry at traffic, and even roll all my windows up and close the sunroof before parking the car at home so I could jump out at a moments notice.

Then I thought why? Why rush? What is my hurry? Since then I make my way home patiently, park the car, roll up the windows, close the sunroof, unhook the ipod, and casually get out to get in the house. That one little thing right there has made a world of difference.

Liv said...

Dang it. I was trying to beat you to work again today, and clearly only gained by a few seconds!

Michael said...

We get the same thing down here. We live on an island 23 miles long by 7 miles wide. Where in the world are people going in such a hurry?

It a pretty funny contrast to how everything else operates on the island. Many of us live here, and visitors come down year after year, because of the "laid back" attitude. People move on "island time" or "cruzan time", (or, as Terry likes to say "Dance time"). Islanders get "vexed" and make "chups" (a teeth-sucking sound"), when "Statesiders" try to hurry them. But put some of them behind the wheel and they just can't get to where they're headed soon enough (in fairness, as many, maybe more, Statesiders are guilty of this as well).

When they're itching to pass us heading east on the South Shore Road, toward Divi Carina Bay Casino, we usually joke, "Hurry up! We hear they're givin' away money!".

Crazed Nitwit said...

Reggie~you are so wise. I always wonder where the fools think is so important to get there?