A Quick Lunch

My buddy Don and I ducked into the mall today for a quick lunch at Subway.

There is an old guy in our building that is nice as hell but he is stone deaf so communication with him is difficult. He has the big stick out ears, so we call him the deaf guy with big ears. We don’t know his real name but we are cordial to him when we see him.

He lips reads very well and talks fairly well for a deaf person. The problem is he will trounce a conversation because he doesn’t know someone is talking unless he sees them.

A while back, he got a cochlear ear implant and communication is much better. However he doesn’t wear the implant very often.

So if we see him, we have to see if his hearing equipment is installed or we avoid him. I know this all sounds cruel, but damn it is stressful to be around him when he is completely deaf.

He came walking up today in the mall food court without his ear implant. We said our hellos and he moved on.

Don’s only comment was, “Please tell me if I start wearing my pants up around my arm pits.”

“I will man.”

We headed back to the office.


TerryC said...

Getting old is hell. Especially the part where you remember what you "useta could" do. (One of Peter's phrases).

Thank goodness we're not anywhere near there yet.