Now I Have Something To Do

Well…it seems the kidney stone fairy may have blessed our house again this weekend. I woke up Sunday and all my body plumbing pipes felt funny. Monday morning and I was having mild pain in my mid-right back.

I had a kidney stone two years ago and it was as fun as getting tasered, only lasted much longer.

Gigi and I headed out early morning on an errand. I called my doctor on the way for an appointment to check me out in the afternoon. They told me to drink lots of Cranbury juice. I hate that stuff unless it has rum in it. I would just as soon drink tobacco spit. Gigi gleefully poured me glass after glass and laughed at the faces I made.

We decided to stop by Cracker barrel for some nourishment. I needed to drop by the men’s room when I discovered my boxers were on backwards.

Gigi wanted to know why I didn’t go in the stall and reverse the error. Silly girl, that would be a breech of man code. Men don’t go into Cracker Barrel and get half naked no matter what the reason.

So I am set for an ultra sound Wednesday. I got a prescription for some good pain meds and a leather strap to bite on in case the blessed event comes early.

I know what causes this. For some reason I love the hot weather. We hit 104 three times last week and I was out in it like a kid in a snow storm. I get dehydrated and bam, the pain starts.


Crazed Nitwit said...

Good Luck. I hear this is one of the few pains that are comparable to labor.

Take the pain meds when you need them. Nobody likes a martyr. ;)

TerryC said...

Were you taking your medication before you put your boxers on? I would think that would be uncomfortable enough that you'd know they were on backwards, but maybe you were already uncomfortable with the kidney situation.
Anyway, did you not have anything scheduled for Wednesday, so now this ultrasound will fill your long lonely hours? ;)

Kuckie said...

Reggie, sorry about the kidney stone...that's no fun!

But I am glad to hear that I am not the only one to have "underwear issues"...I seem to always find out halfway through the day that mine are inside-out!

Liv said...

I lurve you, Reggie. Does cranberry juice lose its power when mixed with alcohol?

Amos said...

Dang, sorry about the kidney stone. That is not fun. I can imagine you drink cranberry juice like I drink Nyquil. Nose plugged, head back, and down the hatch as quick as possible. I got shivers up my back just even typing that. Hope your body plumbing pipes work correctly. How do you come up with that stuff? LOL.

Chris said...

I was just saying how people don't drink enough water.

The bad part about kidney stones (aside form passing them) is that over time, they do your kidneys considerable damage.
Are you prone to gout as well Reggie?
I've had gout before, and that's no fun either.
Have a glass of cranberry juice for me too.
Also, cran juice is a good preventative drink for bladder infections. Just so you know.....

none said...

Ouch, hope everything comes out alright. My friend had em and the doctor told him to drink lots of beer.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...never had gout.

So far so good today. I keep running up and down the hall scent marking at the men's room, but no pain.

No I want to pass it if it does considerable damage.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the kidney stones, but I had a huge belly laugh as I thought about your boxers being on backwards. Easier for women NOT to make that mistake... There's a very distinct difference between the front and back!