Good Friday to You

I have a friend moving to St Croix, VI next week. Yes, the same place I love and cherish.

Her husband was transferred there to run the Coca-Cola distributorship there. It seems that this Coke place needed a turnaround, and Eugene was the guy to do it.

Can you imagine a better place for Coke? Rum and Coke, seems like a natural.

These folks aren’t close friends; we have just known them for 20 plus years.

They couldn’t have found St Croix on a map a year ago and now they get the pleasure of moving there with a job.

She was describing how she gave away all of her winter clothes, and how they had to inventory everything before it was shipped.

I could imagine me doing the same. “Yes, 3 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird, 5 pairs of shorts and shirts, some swim trunks, a pair of sunglasses and flip flops, one red Jeep, now give away the rest”.

I told her, “I’ll see you in two weeks Sharon.”

Question of the day - Would you tell someone if they have something on their face or teeth?


Unknown said...

It depends on who the person is that has something on their face or in their teeth. A close a friend I tell, someone I don't know all that well, I don't bother. I dunno why I feel uncomfortable telling a half stranger they got shit in their teeth but I just do!

MELackey said...

Good question, I don't know... About a year ago, I was in line at the dry cleaners behind a large woman who had her skirt tucked in the back of her underwear (size XXXL granny drawers). How does a man bring himself to tell a woman about something like that?

Unknown said...

MELackey, you could have whispered to her "If I wanted to see your underwear I'd prefer it be on my floor"

Then give a subtle wink.

MELackey said...

she was a little larger and darker than I generally prefer. Besides, she had both a heaght and weight advantage. If I had made that comment and she would have either stomped me to a pulp, or made me follow through. I wasn't taking any chances either way.

I did the only thing I could do, I called my buddy and laughed my ass off about it (I wish I had thought to snap a pic with my phone)

Michael said...

I hope this guy can run the coke distributorship better than the last guy.

So many people I know that are in charge of no-profit functions have called our local plant for donations and they never get even a call back.

We always love having new, good people move down here. But the culture shock might send them running back. It's different here and not always what people imagine.

You know, no malls. Only about 50 choices of breakfast cereal and it's not always there. No 24 hour pharmacies. No Arby's or Taco Bell....


Ali said...

It depends - do I like this person?
I usually tell - know them or not, but I do recall one particulary hilarious occassion when Monica and I didn't tell a friend of ours that she had spinach in between about 6 teeth.
Our waiter did a triple take of her mouth while we almost pissed ourselves laughing. She wasn't impressed.

Unknown said...

I'd give up Arbys in a second to lvie in paradise!!!

TerryC said...

Reg, the answer to the question of the day is like anything else in depends (on a lot of factors).

Mr.'d probably hate it here, lots of stressed out middle-aged women.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Now, now. You're still mad about the comment a few weeks ago. My you have a good memory Terry.

Michael said...

Hmmm... my wife has been impersonating me again. (in all honesty, I look better in her clothes than she does in mine ;)

Looking forward to meeting Eugene and Sharon. As you and Terry said, Coke needs someone down here to turn it around. Its a no brainer. I mean, some Coke product will play a role in nearly every drink made at the Pickled Greek. You've got your Papi, your Fat Papi, Virgin Papi, Fat Virgin Papi, Expensive Papi, Stupid Papi... even the Anti-Papi has Coke in it!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Man, I am sunburned and exhausted from playing golf. Its 97 here again.

Now I must drag my old bones to an NFL game downtown.

Sharon and Eugene are living in a condo near Cheeseburgers. They just bought a house in Cotton Valley.

Go Carolina Panthers!

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone else wonder if Gigi gets to bring anything?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good point...the rest of the container would be hers.

My snorkel stuff is already down there. Michael and Terry are kind enough to store it for us.