Three Things

Today is a big day. At noon I head off to get an ultrasound to find out if my stone is a boy or girl.

Actually I do hope they can locate it and give me some predictions. Right now it is not painful but I am scent marking as much as old Duke my male Border Collie. I hate that urgency to go and it is a false alarm.

Yesterday I drank a ton of water and went down to the gym to do a strenuous workout hoping to bust something loose. All I did was get a good workout and burn some stress.

When I was coming home yesterday I saw a lady giving hand signals as she was turning right. I thought her signal light was broken but it wasn’t. I wonder why she did that. You never see people giving hand signals anymore…at least the Department of Motor Vehicle kind.

I told Gigi about it (yes, we must be hard up for conversation topics) and she saw someone doing the same thing a few days ago.

Do ya’ll remember how to give correct hand signals for braking, left turn, and right turn?

It is so hot and dry here. Everyone hates it but me. Call me sick but I think this is perfect weather. If we could just get a better breeze, some cocoanut trees, and a gigantic area of Tidy Bowl blue salt water, then I would declare it paradise.


Unknown said...

Left turn - hold arm out straight left

Right turn - hold arm out bent and pointing upward

Braking - hold arm out bent and pointing downward

TerryC said...

Will you paint the bathroom a different color depending on if it's a boy or a girl? You're too funny!!

Down here, people use hand signals a lot. I guess it's because many people have old jalopies that need brake or turn signal lights and they're too lazy to get them fixed.
It's fun to see the different variations. Michael has a book explaining all the more "colorful" ones.