Summer Stuff

I’m starting to think about our next trip down to St Croix. We plan to go down September 8, and stay for a week.

When the weather is warm here, I only take flip flops for shoes. You can wear them anywhere on the island.

My favorite Sperry flip flops blew out a few weeks ago. I looked around for some new ones but they have changed the style and no longer offer the same design.

So I headed off this mid-day in the beast to West Marine, just to see if they had any old Sperry’s still in stock. Not a chance.

The sales lady insisted that the store brand was just as comfortable and her husband had two sets that he loved. I took her advice, not knowing her husband, or even that she was actually married.

Then I passed the sunglasses rack and started to think about what Liv said, “Get a good pair of sunglasses, it will hide a multitude of sins.”

So I get theses sunglasses and I think they look cool. They hide my eyes well and cover the crow’s feet on the side.

My right ear is lower than the left ear so I have to adjust the glasses to look straight. I swear that ear drops further south every year.

Anyway, riding back to the office I started worrying that they were too big, so big that they may look like the glasses old folks used to wear after cataract surgery.

I met my buddy for lunch and he asked, “Are those new sunglasses?”

“Yeah…do they look okay? I mean it doesn’t look like I just had eye surgery?”

“Oh no, they look good.”

Okay, maybe I finally have cool glasses that I can wear on the top of my head like some ornamental broach. Heck I might even wear them on the back of my head or on my neck. The possibilities are endless.


TerryC said... are the flip flops? I hope you won't look too "touristy" when you come down with your new shades and new flops. We'd be sooo embarassed (just kidding, of course, I'm jealous because Peter through my Maui Jims away after I let him borrow them for our trip to the BVI).

TerryC said...

Wow, I'm cracking myself up. Peter THREW them away. Spell checker wouldn't correct that.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yep, got them on today so they will be broken in. My sunglasses should be scratched and greasy by then too.

Note to self: Don't lend Peter any Sunglasses.

Liv said...

Ah, I am so touched. You invoked the word of liv. And, it sounds like it's working for you. :)

Michael said...

Crocs are all the rage down here these days, and they now have a flip-flop version. I understand they're very comfortable and they seem to hold up. I still don't own a pair, but I have a Gift Card from SCUBA burning a hole in my pocket. Hmmm...

Peach Pod said...

I thought that I was the only one with the 'one ear lower' thing. By the time I 'adjust' (otherwise known as bending the hell out of them) my sunglasses look like they've been sat on, but fortunately look OK on my face!