Three Thoughts

Do you ever look around at people and think; they put that outfit on, looked in the mirror and said, “Damn I look good”. All the while they look ordinary as hell to me.

I just love it when I get a rare day when I think I look damn good. It changes my attitude.

My favorite part of the chicken is the wings. I don’t much care for Buffalo wings. I like the winds you get on a baked chicken or fried chicken.

When it comes to chicken, the small the better. I about gag when I see those old giant ass rooster wings some places serve; it’s about quality, not quantity.

I absolutely love doilies. Anything is better with a doily under it. It just makes a statement that says, not only does this taste good, but we are going to make it look beautiful. A plastic doily works best with chicken wings. Paper shows grease. Paper doilies are cheap. Buy some and use them the next time you entertain.


Kuckie said...

Reggie, I wonder all the time how people leave the house looking like they do. And I'm not talking about your average Joe...I mean the people who have obviously gone to a LOT of trouble and you can tell by the way they carry themselves that they think they look HOT. And yet, they don't, not by a long shot. All that effort for's just sad. ;o)

Liv said...

Oh, it's you and me and my grandma on that one---I hate large chickens with their oversized breasts and legs. A good chicken is one that weighs about 4 pounds.

Michael said...

Mmmm... fried chicken.

We just bought $30 worth of fried chicken from Lori's place out east (formerly Just-in-Case Deli), but it only cost us $20 because we had a coupon!

We don't eat too much fried chicken usually, but after a couple hours out on a boat at Buck Island a basket of hot, greasy, salty fried chicken is just the ticket. Then we got two more baskets to take to a potluck dinner party tonight.

I can't believe you like the wings. They are my least favorite, well, maybe a step up from backs. I think my favorite piece is the thigh. Its dark meat, usually more moist than other pieces, and none of those annoying little bones and cartilage like legs and wings.

TerryC said...

I love doilies,too, and always want to use them under the lovely party dishes I create, but try to find them on an island!

I've tried everywhere. I'd have to get some from a friend in the restaurant business (and I won't call Diane) or buy them wholesale from one of their distributors. But then I'd end up with 50 million and never be able to use them all.

TerryC said...

However good we look while we're getting dressed, the dogs or the wind or the mud will mess it up once we step outside.

My philosophy is whatever. If people don't like me the way I am, they don't have to hang around me.

Ali said...

I get one of those days about every 6 months - it would be nice to have them more often.
Oddly enough, it's the days I look the worst that I get compliments - go figure.

I hate chicken wings - they are a waste of time. Actually, the only part I really like is the breast...does that make me gay? LOL!

And doilies? I can't believe you like them! I think they are the most tacky ass things ever - but if you like them so much maybe I'll try to find some really nice ones for you ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Tacky ass things?

So is lace on a bra, a high heel on a shoe, earrings, lipstick, eye liner, etc. All this is silly and unnecessary on their own. They all simply take what is already beautiful and elevated it; make it stand out and give it the attention and ornamentation it deserves.

Please, respect the doily.

Michael said...

"Please, respect the doily" gets my vote for phrase of the week! :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael...we'll be brunching in two weeks dude!

Ali said...

It's hard to "respect the doily" - sorry, but I just don't get it.
Hmmm, but I DO like lace on a bra, heels on a shoe and each his own I guess.
I'm just not a doily kind of girl - sorry Reg.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh don't get me wrong Ali, I like all that girly stuff too...on a girl that is.