Stop Polluting My Air

I don’t get this. At my office building I see more and more people sitting in their cars at lunch. They sit there by their self, with the air conditioning running, while consuming a take out meal.

People, part of the deal of buying prepared food is they let you eat it there too.

Look around. That big room with all the people is a dining room. Look at what they are doing. They are eating the food that they just bought there.


Anonymous said...

It has always amazed me when people will go out to their car and sleep during lunch. What kind of hectic lifestyle can a 50 year old woman really lead which causes her ot be that tired in the middle of the day?!

TerryC said...

Oh, Mr. Gray, I'm not yet 50, but don't get me started.

I can't wait until your next lifetime when you become a 50-year-old menopausal woman.

Karma, honey.

none said...

I ate in my car with the ac running and sometimes napped.

It's about hating my co workers and stress.

Alyssa said...

lol - I often go through the drive thru and then park and eat in my car - sometimes you just don't want to see other people - but I don't keep the car running. Shame and guilt keeps me sweating with the car off (I KNEW people noticed!)

Ali said...

I thought the idea of being "at lunch" was to be away from the office and socializing - not cooped up in your dirty car eating greasy takeout.
I'm with you Reggie - either outside or at a restaurant or food court with the rest of society.
Even if I eat lunch at my desk I spend the rest of my lunch hour hanging with my little crew.