Boscoe is Famous

I had a fun morning. We have tons of chores to do here so I pecked away at them. It’s almost impossible to do much yard work because it is so hot and dry. I’m still avoiding the garage.

Later in the morning I email Michael and Terry to see if they had Skype. I told them I had successfully done several video phone calls and thought it would be cool to try the same from St Croix.

Michael being a tech nerd after my own heart was game, but he warned he didn’t have a web cam.

We connected, but neither of us could hear anything. My video was passing through.

So Michael called me on Gizmo to my home phone, they watched us on live video, and we talked for 45 minutes or so. Meanwhile Gigi and I paraded our pets in front of the cam for them to see. Terry was surprised how little Boscoe was.

A couple of times Michael had to translate for Terry. She has a tough time understanding a southern accent and our vernacular. My accent is mild compared to Gigi’s. I guess we get carried away with our ways sometime.

Gigi and I will be down in St Croix in three weeks. It is kind of strange going down when it is so hot here. Usually it is cold as all get out when we go there. At any rate I’ll be glad to go there in low season and visit. We always have fun.


TerryC said...

It was fun talking to y'all and seeing your fuzzy and furry kids on the cam. We'll have to come visit some time so we can meet the whole family. Your house doesn't look too much like the rest of America....