Act Right, Please.

In the United States there were 16,885 alcohol-related fatalities in 2005 – 39 percent of the total traffic fatalities for the year. This is tragic.

In the same year there 30,739 traffic fatalities from people stone sober – 61 percent of the total fatalities for the year. This is unforgivable.

You would think the statistics would be reversed from all the TV ads. I was shocked when I looked this up this morning to learn that almost twice as many accidents are caused by sober people.

People, slow down, drive like you’ve got some sense. This isn’t a video game you are playing; this is a real car with momentum and physics involved.


Kuckie said...

AMEN, Reggie. AMEN.

I haven't forgotten about the "taking care of chickens" email...I will try to get to it today. I was just so bummed that you didn't get the first one (it was long, and thought out...not my strong suit!), that I'm having trouble getting motivated. This week for sure!!!!

none said...

The alcohol ones are mostly at 2:00am where there are mostly just drunks on the road.

The sober ones are caused by cell phones and idiot road ragers.

I'm not much on laws but one prohibiting cell phones on public roads would probably cut traffic fatalities by a huge percentage.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hammer regarding the cell phones... have you seen the statistics on kids trying to text on their cell phones while driving? It's insane!

Kiki said...

I consider my hand spanked, I confess to always being in a rush, I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't a quick driver. Mostly because I am always running late..also I live in a tourist destination, the mix of drivers here can make for some dicey situations...I will slow down, and consider myself sufficently warned without the drama of being ticketed. Thanks for the wake up call.

As for drunk drivers...I am always the "DD" designated driver, I don't drink, never have.

Logzie said...

I am with Hammer on the cell phone thing too! Just about every time that someone does something crazy or risky on the road these days...I see them on the phone and it makes me so stinkin MAD.

Anonymous said...

Great work.