So Far So Good

I’ve had an interesting morning so far.

Around 6:30 AM I headed out in my driveway in a tee shirt, flip flops and my boxers to begin cleaning out the truck from all the camping stuff. We live in the middle of 8 wooded acres so this dress is all too common for me in the morning. Besides, it’s beginning to get cool so sweat pants will become the norm soon.

Anyway, last week I found one heck of a deal on a sound bar for the Jeep. Today I wanted to tow the Jeep to work, then on to Circuit City later when they open to get the installation done.

About 11:00 AM I walk out the door to take the Jeep and Ty wants to go so we can have lunch and talk about a project we are working on. I get almost there when Ty’s phone rings. Someone is there in the office for a lunch appointment that Ty forgot about.

Ty asks me to turn around and take him back which was an imposition.

With this towing package I cannot back up, so I had to find a parking lot big enough to make a big U turn. I pass a couple of schools but I have a gun in my truck which is a big no no.

Finally I decided to turn off on a side street and assumed it was a normal block and I could make my way back to the main road. As it turns out, this was a dead end road and at the end of the road was an old government housing project. To make matters worse, the parking lot was too small to turn around.

So we are stuck in this project and our only way out is to unhook the Jeep and turn both vehicles around and either drive out separately or reconnect which we did. Mean while we are drawing a curious crowd.

Finally we get this thing reconnected and roll out. Ty makes his appointment and I have a 30 minute job turn into a 90 minute job.


TerryC said...

Awww Lawd! More unpaid labor! You'll need another vacation from all your exertion of late.

Where to next, Captain Stubble?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Funny you should ask madam….. Old Captain Stubble is heading to the hills this coming weekend. I plan to see the mighty powerhouse that brought down Michigan earlier this year.

It will be a man weekend with golf on Friday and the Game on Saturday, all in Boone, NC.

I took a Captain Stubble picture last weekend. I tried to get Boscoe out of his cage and he bit the shit out of me. Then I made like I had a bad eye and took a close up. I looked like I was in my 70’s with all that beard stuff going and the bad eye thing.

Gigi made me destroy the picture.

Sitting In Silence said...


Found your blog off a link.
It's a great read...

In the words of Arnold..."I'll be back !!"


TerryC said...

Does Boscoe bite you when you're going to take him on vacation too?

If not, take him with you this week-end. The guys won't make you destroy the picture!