Young Wrecker Drivers of America Take Note

I saw something the other that I have never seen before. A wrecker got into a wreck with a truck. That’s of funny isn’t it? No one seemed to be injured. The air bags in the truck were deployed and the wrecker was almost pushed off the mountain.

Have you ever noticed that many wrecker drivers are enormously fat? I mean heaped on crotch fat that you see bulging in their britches. I can make fun of them because I know none of them could catch me. Oh they could charge me like an alligator but I know they couldn’t sustain the effort. I know this is not nice but it has been my observation over my lifetime that most of the wrecker drivers are very fat.

I saw a wreck being cleaned up yesterday while coming back from the mountains. The wrecker guy was tremendously obese. He had the biggest set of britches I had ever seen. I’ll bet the fly on his pants was a foot or more. I guess you need a margin of error in a pair of pants that big.

He was almost as wide as he was tall. He was young too.


Unknown said...

I am not sure I know what a wrecker driver is. Is this a NC thing? Is this the same as a tow truck driver?

If so, I agree, if not, tow truck drivers are also always very fat. Last time I needed a tow I had a big fat redneck come to my rescue in dirty old torn jeans and a gray wife beater. I am guessing this wife beater was not always gray :(

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yep...same thing. Must be an NC thing. Tow truck driver takes more effort to say than wrecker driver.

Ali said...

"Heaped on crotch fat"?

(gasps, coughs, laughs, gags, and laughs again)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You know what I mean. That fat that bulges below the belt on a real fat when someone is so fat that they have back titties.

Ali said...

Ewww - lol - that is so nasty!