We Interrupt Your Life for a Very Special Announcement

Our old mattress was about 5 years old. It had a 10 year warranty which I’ll deal with later.

Gigi and I decided to try one of those memory foam mattresses that we have heard so much about.

Oh my! Run, don’t walk to get one. Borrow the money if you need to.

Last night was the finest sleep experience of my life. I am fully rested and not body part feels out of kilter. Gigi likewise had a fantastic sleep.

I am regretting my decision to travel this weekend. I would rather lie in bed.


TerryC said...

When Michael and I were in Arkansas for Peter's daughter, Allie's wedding, his older daughter, Nikki, let us sleep in her bed our first night there. She has a "Pillow top" bed with memory foam pillows. I got the best night's sleep on that bed! We were convinced.
So we bought memory foam pillows and a bed topper, too. It's just not the same for some reason. Of course, that night in AR, I'd taken some pills for my sinuses which were KILLING me. Maybe it was the drugs. Or maybe it's just that our dogs wake me up barking every night. And the bed topper moves. It migrates around the bed. Cracks us up. Oh well, glad yours is working for you!