Brides, Divorces, and Mosquitoes

Jekyll Island is known for their world class mosquitoes. I have learned to live among them by spraying on deet products like OFF! on all exposed skin areas. Yesterday one got past my defenses and bit me good on my pinky knuckle of all places. This was my good pinky too, not the one I complained about all summer.

So now I find myself clawing away at this bite knowing full well I shall soon have a festering sore. I don’t care…it feels so good for now just clawing away.

Gigi’s brother and sister in law are in the middle of a divorce. Yesterday we met the other woman for the first time. The meeting was awkward at first, I felt like I was cheating on the other person.

I just hate divorce. My marriage has not been perfect but we managed to make it work the only time we ever visited the divorce subject. I know of the pain they are feeling. I wish it wasn’t happening for everyone involved.

Last night we stopped by and had a late seafood dinner at Blackbeard’s. Half of the restaurant was being prepped for a wedding dinner.

In came this fat ass bride with a sleeveless dress exposing her ham sized arms. Clinging to her was this tiny little man that was obviously in love with her. The rest of the party matched the happy couple. There wasn’t a hot babe in the bunch.

These were Deep South coastal Georgia rednecks celebrating a marriage the only way they know how. It was about as strange as if I was watching a Polish wedding for the first time.