Hot vs Cold

I’m not big on drinking cold water. I like it right out of the bottle or glass at room temperature. I can actually drink a soft drink the same way as long as it is fizzy.

My coffee can be hot or room temperature as long as it started hot. I can drink a half cup and come back to it an hour later and enjoy the room temperature coffee.

Beer should start cold and it’s okay if the last swallow isn’t icy.

One of Gigi’s brothers always demands hot food at the table but shows up late to a meal every time. I’m going to slap him the next time I see him. Maybe a big old round house slap.

I love cold fried chicken the next day and cold pizza, although I have started heating pizza back up in the oven. I hate heating stuff in the microwave. Give me plan old fashioned heat, not that nuclear stuff.

Cold drinks and food hurt my head so much that I could jump off a cliff for relief. That is why I am not a big fan of ice cream I guess.

Don’t ever give me cold red wine, which is a sin. I do like my white wines chilled. Neither of these practices is peculiar.

I once asked a friend from London if it was true that they drank their draught beer at room temperature. He said, “Hell no. We mostly drink Budweiser from the bottle cold like you Americans do”. That kind of ruined the image I had of hearty drinking Englishmen.


none said...

I like everything ice cold. Even an expensive red wine.

I do agree with you, if it was hot or cold at one I time I can come back to it and finish it.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could drink cooled off coffee but I can't stand it.
I keep a burned tongue from drinking it so fast while it is hot.