Okay, show of hands now. How many of you toss a leg out from under the covers at night to cool down when you are hot in bed?

It feels so good, and cools you down all over. You wouldn’t think one bare leg would make such a difference in body temperature.

When I was a kid I was afraid of imaginary monsters eating my leg so I had to be really hot to sacrifice my leg from under the covers.

I called these imaginary monsters “clippers” and thought they looked somewhat like big fast crabs with Edward Scissorhands claws.

I haven’t thought about clippers in 45 years.

There is enough real stuff to scare you as an adult without making up stuff to scare you. Maybe that is your mind’s way to prepare you as a child for the reality of adulthood.


Unknown said...

I always feared "floor snakes"

Logzie said...

Oh my gosh!!! Me too!!! Well I never called them "Clippers" but everything else though!!! HA!

none said...

I never let my foot touch the floor either. I was afraid rats would bite it.

Hmnm maybe that wasn't too dumb afterall.

Liv said...

I do that, but I also secretly love the fact that now that I don't have to share a king size bed I can just roll over to the "cool side" whenever I want!

Ali said...

I do it...but I have to be really, really hot...I still think someone might get me.
And even when I was a kid it was always "someone" never a monster or thing - always a person.
Maybe that's why I still get freaked out now, because it's a realistic, I watch way too much CSI and Without a Trace when the husband is working nights.

mr zig said...

Yep, I whip one leg out, let it dangle off the bed even - and oh, it feels nice to cool down. When I was a kid I was more afraid of my toes sticking out of the end of the blanket.. I thought monsters would snack on them.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember you talking about clippers. I cool down that way but only for a short time. I don't have any particular "thing" I think is going to get me but feel more secure with my leg under at least the sheet. (what in the world is a sheet going to do to protect me? )

TerryC said...

And I thought I was the ONLY one afraid to have body parts exposed during sleep!

I saw a movie when I was a kid about things crawling into peoples' ears while they slept. To this day, my hair or a sheet has to cover my ears when I fall asleep. Aren't we silly creatures!

Jahooni said...

I HAVE to sleep with one leg out, is there any other way TO sleep?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I called my mother this afternoon and asked her if she remembered me talking about clippers when I was a child.

She said, “Yes, I assume you had gotten over that”.

“I have mother”

We had a good laugh.

Kiki said...

When I was little, I would take a flying leap from my doorway to my bed, or I would get up on my nightstand or dresser and leap into bed. Know all too well about the "foot cool-down" though.