Excuse Me While I Drift A Bit South

Today we’ll drive down to Jekyll Island and meet up with my sister Etta and her husband Al for a long weekend.

It is about a 6 ½ hour drive down to the island all the while driving around 20,000 pounds of weight. My truck weighs 7800 pounds empty and the 5th wheel comes in at a tad over 12,000 pounds.

Needless to say I take driving that rig seriously since it takes forethought on every move you make. Whether it’s braking, lane changes, accelerating, turning or parking, it all must be done carefully.

The reward for all of this stress is having my home away from home with me where ever I go, and I get to take my entourage of pets with me too.

Jekyll Island Campground is a nice, shady place we have retreated to since 1992. The South Georgia Island is dripping with big knarly “Harry Potter” live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss and covered in resurrection ferns.

We’ll ride bikes, eat seafood, sit outside and laugh, and generally have a relaxing time.

Since they have broadband I’ll have a chance to do some work so I won’t get behind from all this down time. It doesn’t bother me a bit to do bursts of work while on vacation. I do my best work this way.


Liv said...

I'll miss y'all and the menagerie this trip!

TerryC said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a great time! Will it still be warm down there?

Anonymous said...

Wish we had the time to come up and see you all while you are there but we will see my parents when they visit on Saturday.

Have a great time! ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

Officially jealous here in Minnesota where signs of winter are appearing much too soon for my liking!