Will Work for Free

I am tried of working for nothing.

Just yesterday we stopped at McDonalds for some road food and I had to fulfill my order by filling my drinks, capping them, got my condiments, straws and napkins while waiting for their labor to make my food.

I stopped by the pharmacy when we got to town and I had to do the transaction. Do I want cash back? Hell no! I just want to pay. “Sir, you need to hit the okay button.”

“What? Huh?” Why can’t I just hand them my debit card and let them do the work?

I got home and Gigi’s new DVR was there. I called Direct TV to activate it and they put me to work. I spent the next 15 minutes being their hands and eyes for free no less, as I pulled cables and cards, checked satellite dishes, and ran setup programs.

Before I got to talk to an actual lady I had to talk to a computer to see if I was worthy to talk to a human. Once the computer figured I needed a human, it put on the lowest form of a human that couldn’t do anything thing for me. I was escalated to a smarter human. Before she transferred the call she asked, “Have I answered all of your questions today?”

“Not even close” is what I wanted to say. “Oh yeah, what is the meaning of life? Why do men have nipples? What is it with hair growing all over me now except it is melting away on my polar cap?

I just said yes and thanked her.

I have reached the point where I will no longer go to self checkout. At Home Depot self checkout is the only option. I make them do the whole thing while I protest the idea of me working for free with no benefits.

I know they must talk about this crazy old man that comes in and bitches about the self checkout.


TerryC said...

I love the self-check-out. We used to have it at our K Marts. But then they took it away. I love these things because I know I am more efficient than anyone who works at K Mart or a "fast" food place. And it makes my blood boil to watch other people moving like they're 250 years old, when I'm waiting in line.

Michael said...

K-Mart had installed the self-check-out when I was in St. Thomas I think. I liked the idea and tryed to use it, but it never seemed to work. I'd check all my stuff through, or most of it, then the thing would freeze up, or wouldn't take my credit card and ask for some authorization. So no matter what, an employee or supervisor had to be called. It ended up taking longer than if I just waited in line at regular check-out. Apparently others had the same problem. Within weeks two of the four self-check stations were of-line. The other two soon followed, then they were un-installed. Oh well. At least Reggie doesn't have to be subjected to them when he comes to visit.

How do you like check-out here Reg? Most places won't even let you take your bags to the car, the bagger does it for a small gratuity.