Mornin'...I Mumbled

I begrudgingly drug myself out of bed this morning and shuffled to the kitchen to make coffee. I came back to the bed with two cups of coffee and a deep sigh.

Gigi said, “Okay, I’m going online today to tell all your peeps just how pouty you are acting”.

“Go ahead”, I said.

I am in a deep funk and it shows. Not a dangerous depression, just the funk I get in the winter. I hate it.

This time of year you could put me in a drug induced coma and wake me next spring. To make matters worse it is raining. We desperately need rain here and I feel guilty for hating the rain.

Normally I am obnoxiously upbeat. I even annoy myself at times with my energy and silliness.

Now however, the Anti-Reggie has reappeared. I know it will pass. I will have three or four of these temporary funks until warm weather arrives.

My sister Judy and I have started our annual 100 day countdown banter until our St Croix trip in early February. We have so much fun there together.

So, I will act upbeat until I get upbeat. It's just chemicals and brain cells.


Anonymous said...

You could cure that and come camp with us at Jekyll this weekend!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

When I was down a few weeks ago they still had a live band at the Raw Bar.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We are taking a TV (we are tenting on a full RV hookup site) to watch the FL/GA game and then I wanna head over to hopefully see live music. We are excited! I am taking my laptop (or maybe only my new Blackberry) to Blog while I am there :)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were down when we emailed you seemed happy. It is funny what just thinking about warm and sunny St. Croix will do for you!
I think it bothers me too when it is so dark when it is time to get up.
I prefer sunny days but I am very thankful to see the rain!!!
Tell Gigi to do a blog. We all miss her!

Ali said...

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie - though I'm not affected by the weather quite so much, I do think what you're going through is somewhat of a gemini thing.
I am usually the same, so upbeat that I actually irritate other people. But when I get in a funk, it's bad. And it can last for weeks. Unfortunatly my co-workers have been dealing with it for a while now with me.
Take it as it comes - we love you, dreary or not.

TerryC said...

I've been debating whether or not to tell you what a GORGEOUS day we are having down here. Hell, you'll be here in only 100 days, so why not...

The sky is the most luscious shade of blue with scads of puffy white clouds. The breeze is perfect, the sea calm and inviting.

But to the east, large dark clouds are looming. I'm hoping they bring us some nice downpours this afternoon. It's been a little dry lately. The island is still emerald green though, with yellow tinges starting up in the hills. Soon the Ginger Thomas flowers will be in full bloom. Livin' on St. Croix. It sure is good!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh I've been looking on the web cam and the radar. Yep it is damn beautiful. You'll get those refreshing showers.

I have cool drizzle.

Anonymous said...

I get the weather related funk too. Although, there are other factors that can throw me just as easily. Sucks, doesn't it?