Sharp Dressed Man

I really hate wearing socks. I like my dogs free where I can wiggle them around. Flips flops are ideal footwear.

But alas, I must work and it is getting cooler, so socks are required.

My wife does the laundry and somehow socks are the last thing to get sorted and put away.

So I was digging away in the laundry basket yesterday trying to match a pair of dark socks when it dawned on me, why not just get a nice pair of dark socks tattooed on me and be done with this for life?

Then I got to thinking how nerdy that would look at the beach with flip flops and dark socks.

I’ve got to go now and match some socks.


Anonymous said...

You are a strange man Reggie.

I wonder if socks get this treatment in all households as I know they do in ours. About once a year we actually sit and match socks up and put them in the drawer. Usually they sit in the laundry basket on top of the dryer and every single morning I have to pick a pair out. I try and buy all the same socks so matching them up is easy.

I too hate wearing socks.

TerryC said...

I hate socks, too. What a waste of time! Especially here in paradise.
We have so few pairs of socks, mostly to wear on those extremely rare occasions when we wear shoes (like when we go to America - ugh!)or when we wear sneakers, which does not happen very often lately, since we haven't gone running in many many moons. Socks do not rock!

Anonymous said...

Good call Reg. Sock tatoos would NOT be cool. And I, for one, have always thought of you as the epitome of cool.