A Bit Gross

I ordered some calamari at lunch today. I like calamari, heck I even like the tentacles if they are fried up nicely.

Today however the squid was a bit bigger than I like. The tentacles were there, and I could see the sucker cups up and down the tentacles. I about gagged.

I got my composure and got a serving onto my plate. I thought I can do this. As I cut into the squid the outer overcoat of breading on the tentacle came off, revealing rather large pink sucker cups.

I could imagine those sucker cups sticking on the roof of my mouth as I ran through the restaurant like a panicked choking victim. I gagged again and shoved the calamari under a lettuce leaf.


Jahooni said...

I love calamari as well but ONLY if it smaller and fried just perfectly. Here in California we have two places that have the BEST calamari, King's Fish House and Rusty Pelicans.

I am sick to my stomach now thinking about your lunch.

TerryC said...

Yuck! Suction cups on tentacles!
The Deep End uses larger Calamari for their fried appetizer and has begun to call it "calamari steak strips". Savant uses baby calamari and there are no suction cups. It's yummy!

mr zig said...

When that happens to me I just tell myself... hey, this is like that show "Fear factor" - I can do this - then, GULP - I am always a little grossed out, but I feel so brave after