Saturday Stuff

I hate it when a TV commercial has a doorbell going off. Domino’s Pizza is the worst. It makes all my dogs jump up and start barking over a darn commercial. I have to explain that it’s just TV and they will calm down.

Today I have a wet leaf on my hood and it stuck like glue. I got up to hurricane speed on the beltway and the leaf stayed put. Amazing!

This afternoon I saw a “special” bee get faked out by the yellow inspection sticker on my truck. That poor bee was sure she had found a big old yellow flower.

I haven’t been to a football game in almost 2 years where my team won. Tomorrow the home team plays the undefeated world champions, the Indianapolis Colts. Somehow I don’t feel optimistic about tomorrow either.

I cheated for the tailgate tomorrow. I was going to make kabobs and saw some pre-made at the meat department. Yes I paid too much but darn they are good looking and convenient. I bought a half pound of fresh shrimp to toss on the grill too.

I made Gigi about her most favorite thing for lunch today. She LOVES oyster stew and I make the best. She ate/sipped a gallon and took a nap. She has been sleeping for 2 hours. I love her.


none said...

door bells on TV are the bane of my existence.

I do like the premade meat products at teh store. They really aren't that expemsice when you figure the cost of buying a $2 bell pepper.

MELackey said...

I hate horn honking and tires screeching on the radio. I've had several near accidents where the sounds on the radio scared the shit out of me and made me swerve, slam on the brakes, etc. Especially bad is when it happens as you enter an intersection.