A Trucker's Life

I had to drive to Salisbury, NC today to meet with a guy. I thought we were having lunch but he declined. I worked myself up to an eating frenzy and had to have something to eat soon. I have had quite enough happy meals of late when my eyes spied a Subway sign at the next exit.

Oh great, it was a Subway at a Pilot truck stop. It looked new and clean so I went in anyway.

I went to the restroom and witnessed a gemaphobe trucker going through this detailed routine of hand washing at the sink. He even had paper towels dispensed so he wouldn’t have to touch the handle when he was finally sanitized. I quickly washed but somehow he got in front of me carefully opening the door with his paper towels.

I get in line at the Subway counter.

“I want a 6 inch Subway Club on white please.”

“For $2 more you can get a foot long sub.”

“No thank you.”

“Do you want double meat and double cheese?”


What’s with all this super sizing at Subway? I thought they were a somewhat healthy alternative to other fast food. Maybe it was because it was a truck stop.

Anyway, I took my paint bucket size “small” diet coke and sat in the trucker dining room.