Jeep Stuff

I have just completed a few more Jeep upgrades. I now have a sound bar installed. It rests just over the two front seats. It also has an overhead light which I didn’t have before. It sounds wonderful with my new stereo. I got an override switch for the door light for when I take the doors off.

Last week I got some badly needed engine work done. My regular mechanic was busy so I got another fellow to take a look at some issues.

My engine had been running rich and this made the exhaust smell very gassy. He found a collapsed vacuum hose next to the Johnson Rod or something like that. He fixed it along with a badly needed tune-up. He replaced a few bulbs in the instrument panel, and replaced an idle thing-a-ma-jig. Now the Jeep runs fantastic and it added 3 mile per gallon to my mileage.

Yesterday I replaced two broken parts to the convertible roof system. Cedie and I took one ride to gets some parts from Home Depot to complete the repair.

Last week I found some big aluminum nerf bars on Craig’s List for a steal. I will attach these to each side for getting in and out and for their good looks.

I’m going to order a bikini top for next summer since I had the top off most of the time this year. This will cover the front cab with netting that screens some of the sun. Most likely I’ll take the back seats out next summer so I’ll have additional storage.

I’ve seen this guy in town that has a cool looking tie dye tire cover and I found one on the internet. I may order this. Now I have a University of North Carolina tire cover that I got cheap off eBay. I am a fair weather Tarheel fan.

Next too I plan to start looking at a lift kit for next year. Nothing big just a few inches of lift to make it look tougher. Then maybe some tubular front and rear bumpers and a stainless grill cover.

All the afore mentioned projects are kind of expensive so it will all wait until next summer.

Gigi gave me a bumper sticker yesterday that I put on that says, “If it wasn’t for physics and law enforcement, I would be unstoppable.”


none said...

Sounds like a great project. can't wait to see the pics when it's done.

Anonymous said...

I love the bubmer sticker! Too funny.

Your Jeep would look good with a LIFE IS GOOD tire cover too.

Or a Duke Blue Devils one ;)

TerryC said...

At least you didn't have a collapsed Johnson rod ;).

Soon, Reg, you're going to be too cool to come down and hang with us dawgs.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


mr zig said...

you're jeep is awesome - remember to keep posting pics of it as it evolves! - Great bumper sticker by the way!

Michael said...

I'm happy just to have new brake drums and shoes coming for my Land Rover. Oh, and a new front chassis section. I put new tires on it the other week and discovered a serious crack in the front frame just after the front spring attachment - probably the cause of that nerve-jangling shimmy that's been happening. I patched it up with J-B Weld, but don't know how long it will hold. And the shimmy persists, though not as often.

Any month now we'll have my frame patched, brakes replaced, rear shock re-attached, and Terry's engine swapped, rear springs replaced, and seat belts installed. Then we can start looking for cosmetic upgrade goodies :)