Can't Give the Finger?

I was relaxing this morning after fixing and eating a fantastic breakfast of hash browns and a cheese omelet.

I had just settled down to catch up on email and read a few blogs when I heard Gigi yell from the bedroom, “Reggie! Come here quickly!”

I run back to the bedroom, “What’s wrong honey?”

I see Gigi in bed making spastic gestures with her right hand.

“I can’t flip the bird with my right hand”, she says in a panicked voice.

“Well, it looks okay to me, you can still get your point across”, I said.

“No! Something is wrong with my right hand. It must have been from that surgery a few years ago”.

Now I see Gigi convincingly flipping a perfect bird with her left hand and alternating to her poorly formed bird on her right hand.

“Just use you left hand honey. That looks fine, it’s a good bird”.

“No! Something is wrong with my right hand.”

“Call the doctor Monday and tell him you can no longer flip someone off with your right and see what he has to say”.

Gigi takes a swat at me as I run from the room.


Liv said...

Be careful, Reg, that woman will whoop your ass if you press your luck!

TerryC said...

You guys are too much!! But seriously, I'd be concerned if I were Gigi, too.
When driving, being able to flip people off is a necessity and it would waste valuable seconds to have to switch hands on the wheel if one of your "bird flippers" were faulty.
I agree with Gigi. She needs to check with a doctor on this.

Michael said...

Especially driving Right-hand-drive Land Rovers. A left-handed bird is fine, if you're driving on the left, but its hard to flip a left-handed bird out a right-hand window and not end up in a ditch.

BTW, Monday is a holiday, chances are your doctors gonna flip a bird if you call him up on his extra golf day!

Anonymous said...

You deserved to be swatted, just so you know! Yes, you are funny, but needed a good swat!

mr zig said...

oh man - too funny! hehehe -

Michael said...

We want pictures! I think you should post Gigi's good left bird and questionable right bird and let your blogging family decide if its adequate or lacking :)