I love chickens. I wasn’t exposed to chickens much as a child. I reunited my fascination with chickens in 2003 when I first visited St Croix. You see a lot of chickens running around down there.

You might find a chicken running around downtown in a parking lot. You can count on chickens at the gas station heading into Christiansted where they do car washes.

I read a blog by Kuckie who is a massage therapist living the simple life in the country with chickens. She talks about them from time to time.

I have talked Gigi into getting some chickens but don’t know how to take car of them. We have predators here so they would need some protection.

I love fresh chicken eggs. They taste nothing like the one you buy in a grocery store. Okay, they do taste something like them. Fresh eggs are smoother and not as stringy. Sometimes you find an egg with a double yoke. That is cool.

So maybe I can find a simple way to keep some laying hens. I heard Martha Stewart had a portable and simple coup on her site but I can’t find the plans.

To make matters worse, I drove by a farmhouse nearby and the guy has bought some chickens. They were all scratching around outside and it made me want chickens even more.

What I desire is simplicity. I don’t need any more vet bills. We just paid the vet off yesterday. If I can just feed and water chickens then they may be the animal I like the best. But I don’t want to be washing them and cleaning doo doo from their feathers, and teaching them tricks. No I just want chickens to lay eggs and cluck around all chickeny.


Kuckie said...

Reggie, did you get my email all about chickens? They are so SIMPLE. You will love them,I promise! Plus, all signs are pointing to chickens for you! (i.e. the farmer down the road!) LOL!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No I didn't get it. Would you send it again please?

Anonymous said...

When I was visiting Tortola we ate at a restaurant in the main town and sat outside on the water. Chickens were everywhere. It was so cool.

I love seeing things stray that you normally do not see. Wild cats, chickens, hamsters. Ok I have never seen any wild hamsters, but one day, I will. You bet your ass I will.