My dog Cedie had a seizure this morning and it tears my heart out. I love that dog more than I should. It kills me to see her come out of that seizure all confused and tired.

I know how she felt. I have seizures too, though mine are completely controlled.

It seems that blue eyed Australian Shepherds are prone to epilepsy. We had a friend that had to put one to sleep because the seizures became uncontrollable. Quigley was a fine dog.

We’ve increased her dose so hopefully this little girl will be okay.


TerryC said...

Poor Cedie! And how awful for you and Gigi to have to watch.

Some of our friends had a dog who started having seizures, too. It really played havoc with their social life. They'd always have to leave parties early to get home to Bunky.

It's got to be so scary!

Jahooni said...

Awh... I will light a candle for the her. I have a new puppy and can't imagine going through that!

Ali said...

Awww, poor Cedie! Give her a scratch for me and rub her ears.

Amos said...

What is up with our pups? It just breaks my heart to go through all of this and then to hear that yours did too. Hope she is doing better now.