From the Cheap File

I’ve written about cheap people before but two cheap asses I heard about this weekend take the cake.

One guy is a member of our club. He is so cheap that he gets a free Styrofoam cup of ice offered for water outside, and takes the cup into the bar to get a “free” refill of Coke. He never paid for a Coke, so he is not entitled to a refill. He is too cheap to buy a Coke.

He also once made a hole in one on 16. The custom for a hole in one is you buy everyone a drink if you made the hole in one. This guy disappeared at 17 and drove home rather than buy his colleagues drinks.

A worse story is a fellow and his wife that spend the winter in the Caribbean, and summers here in North Carolina.

When he is docked offshore he and his wife will go ashore and head to the soup kitchens at various churches. Then they will load up at the various food banks. Once supplied, they will head to another island and do the same thing.

He gets by most of the winter on free food. He can afford food but chooses to live off of others rather than spending any of his own money.


Anonymous said...

Not to question the cheapness of the first fellow but I am unfamiliar with Golf rules. Why would the guiy who gets the hole in one buy other people drinks? Seems like they should buy him one. Where does that come from?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Don't know about that custom except I doubt I will ever be buying the drinks.

Ali said...

What a bunch of cheap asses! Broke or not, I would never be that way.

TerryC said...

I'll have to file that last one away for when we live aboard our boat. (Just kidding!) That really is dithpicable!