A Monday Moring Rant

I love to watch football, mainly NFL football.

When I was a kid we had no local team. I was forced to watch whomever the Washington Redskins were playing, and we were glad for that. The Redskins, however politically incorrect the name, became my football team until we got our own team in the mid 90’s.

Having you own local team changes everything. It gets in your blood. When they are winning there is nothing better. When they are loosing its like I want to skip forward until basketball season. I can’t bear to watch us loose on a consistent basis.

We suck big time this year and I hate this fact. Yesterday I met my pal at the club. We watched the Presidents Cup and the USA won. We enjoyed good food, jokes and then optimistically headed down to the stadium.

Then we patiently sat in the blistering sun to watch our Carolina Panthers play like they had just taken up the game.

Keep in mind that these are professional players paid a great deal of money to win games and be entertaining to their fans. Yet yesterday they all played like they had something else to do.

You know what? I did too. My buddy and I left at halftime, went back to the club and watched the 4th quarter on TV all the while heckling our team in a crowd of discussed fans.

Yes we are fans of the team and we all pay them with our ticket revenues and team items we buy. Their only obligation is to play to the best of their ability. It is not my job to win. It is their job.

Don’t say I am a bad fan. I lived up to my obligation yesterday. I am a professional fan and I paid my money to watch a professional team. Now it’s time for my team to act professional and deliver what I paid for.

Carolina, you disappointment me wasting all of the talent you have before you.